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MCA Committees
The MCA (POA) has a broad range of committees charged with bringing resident input to the Board of Directors and Community Manager. These committees are sometimes limited in numbers to facilitate discussion, but subcommittees and open meetings are sometimes available. See below to learn more about what committees have been created and their goals.

Current Committees
Budget Committee
The budget committee meets each Fall to review the annual budget and make recommendations regarding expenditures and assessment levels.

Landscaping Committee
The Landscape and Parks Committee advises the Board of Directors on any landscaping and park maintenance concerns. The committee is always open to suggestions and the meetings are open to anyone interested in attending, we usually meet the first Thursday monthly during late afternoon but please double-check before attending. You can contact them at

Friends of the Prairie is affiliated with this committee and consists of many volunteers, they organize weeding and educational efforts on the Southwest Greenway. Please see the page on the Welcome Tab for the Friends of the Prairie for more information or you can contact them at

Modifications Committee
The Modifications Committee is made up of 4 volunteer members at this time that review proposals for modifications via an online review program. While they have up to 60 days to review a project, it usually takes 1-2 weeks. Please keep in mind that the more detailed information provided then the quicker the committee can respond. Please see the page for Modifications Process under the Residents Tab for more information.
Pool Committee
The Pool Committee initially consisted of 5 residents and a representative from Parks and Rec with the City of Austin. The committee initially made recommendation on operations, hours, annual schedule and lifeguards. The committee currently consists of 8 Mueller Residents and the Community Manager. They monitor and advise the Board of Directors on all pool issues including maintenance, pool schedule, the lifeguard contract etc. The Pool Committee is always looking for resident input and suggestions so please send any you have to

Resident Activities Committee
Convened in March 2008, the Resident Activities Committee is responsible for helping to plan and execute events along with bringing forth ideas for future MCA-sponsored events. The committee is responsible for input and tasks ranging from the event budget to food to appropriate rentals and permits.
The Mueller Pool Party in May 2008 was this committee’s first event. Since then, the committee has given input or support for several community events. 
Rules Committee
The Rules Committee will review existing rules at Mueller and signage needs at Mueller on an ongoing basis to make recommendations to the Board of Directors. This committee is currently made up of 5 residents and the Community Manager. You can send suggestions to the committee via email at

Past Committees
Community Gardens Committee
Formed in early 2015 to advise on the intial formation, rules, pricing and plot assignment process.

Advisory Panel
Formed in 2007, before the first homeowners moved in to Mueller, the Advisory Panel was a mixture of homebuyers and stakeholders from the surrounding community. The group primarily advised on POA governance issues and draft the amended Rules and Regulations for Mueller. The group held several community input sessions on general POA and governance issues as well as a few specific issues such as onstreet parking. This group formulated final recommendations and the recommended the group be disbanded and that continuing research and work be done by the Parking Solutions Input Group and the Rules Committee on an ongoing basis.

Parking Solutions Input Group
The Parking Solutions Input Group was created following the Advisory Panel to focus on parking issues. The group met in the Fall of 2009 and held two informational sessions for homeowners regarding Onstreet Parking including a townhall meeting. The group made a recommendation that loosens the current onstreet parking restrictions in the covenants slightly. That recommendation has been reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. The Rule to allow resident on-street parkign for up to 72 hours was sent out in a newsletter in November 2010 and discussed at the 2010 Annual Meeting.

Row Home Maintenance Committee
This committee was formed to evaluate the feasibility of Solar for the Row Homes at Mueller. This committee may also provide feedback on other unique maintenance issues for the Row Homes in the future.

Website Committee
Convened in August 2008, the Technology Committee’s primary focus was to review the original and re-designed community portal, MAOnline.