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Modifications Process

The Mueller Modification Application was revised in April 2019, this document
includes the application form, Architectural Guidelines for Modifications and Residential Landscaping Guidelines. There are potential modifications listed that do not require prior approval and others that do require prior approval. Please read these guidelines carefully prior to making any modifications or improvements to your home, especially if they will be visible from the street, a park or neighboring home.  If you have any questions or concerns about the guidelines then please contact Associa Hill Country at 512-328-6100 or
Once you have submitted your application you will receive an acknowledgement letter or email within a few days letting you know that the Modifications Committee has received your application and that they have up to 60 days to review your application. If you do not receive an acknowledgement letter within a few days then please contact Alliance Customer Service because your application may not have been received.
While the Modifications Committee does have up to 60 days to review your application, it does not usually take that long. The typical turnaround is 5-14 business days. Please keep in mind that the Modifications Committee is made up of volunteers that have other responsibilities and they are usually reviewing 5-10 projects each week.
During the review process the Modifications Committee may request additional information. At that time you will receive a letter, email or phone call requesting additional information. It is very important that you provide us alternate methods of contacting you during this process. If we have an email address or phone number on your application then we will try to contact you that way to request additional information, if not then we will mail you a letter. This can slow down the review process. While we are waiting on the requested information the project is put on hold. After we receive all of the requested information then the 60 day review period begins again. Because of this, it is very important that you provide as much detailed information as possible with your application.
The more information you provide the faster your project can be reviewed. You should always provide the application form, the review and deposit checks (separate checks), a plat map of your lot with the modifications size and location clearly marked. If you are having it professionally installed then please provide the promotional material and plans from the vendor. If you are planning to do something very similar to something you've seen before then a photo is very helpful. If you are planning to paint your home then the committee will request the current color, a website that shows the requested color with a statement from you stating that the same color scheme is not used on any nearby houses. Again, please provide as much information as possible.
The Reviewers 
The New Construction Council has exclusive authority to review and approve proposed original improvements within Mueller. The members of the NCC are appointed by Catellus, with the consent of the City of Austin, as outlined in the governing documents. If an owner wishes to expand, rather than simply modify, an existing improvement, this project will need to be reviewed by the New Construction Council.
Modifications Committee
The Modifications Committee, volunteers appointed by the Board of Directors, is responsible for reviewing and approving modifications for already constructed improvements which have been previously reviewed and approved by the New Construction Council and granted certificates of occupancy by the City of Austin.  
Purpose of the Modifications Committee
The Modifications Committee strives to allow diversity at Mueller while upholding the intent of the Mueller Design Guidelines. Most changes do not require prior approval by the Modifications Committee. Interior changes do not require approval. Most modifications that are not publicly visible do not require prior approval unless they might impact drainage or grading.
Landscaping Modifications
Landscape changes do not require approval as long as they follow the Residential Landscape Modification Guidelines that were released to residents in Spring 2008. Those guidelines and the Mueller plant list are now included in the updated Mueller Modification Guidelines available above.
Key Reminders:
  1. Please keep in mind that the street trees cannot be removed or changed. If a street tree dies it is the homeowner’s responsibility to replace it if you are in a yard home. 
  2. No invasive plants are allowed at Mueller.
  3. The Mueller Plant List provides excellent leadership on plants that will thrive in our soils while saving water.
  4. St. Augustine grass is not permitted at Mueller, unless specifically approved by the Modifications Committee.
  5. Please keep all trees and bushes trimmed neatly to allow pedestrians to use the full sidewalks and keep them clear of obstructions.
  6. Stepping stones or pervious walkways can be addedd without prior approval.
  7. Yard Home owners can make changes to the landscape strip between the sidewalk and the road. Any changes can be a maximum of 2 feet tall, cannot block sight lines near an intersection and cannot change the street trees.
  8. If a landscape area is maintained by the Association then you cannot make modifications to it, for example, the Row Home front yards and Garden Courts.
Architectural Modifications
The Mueller Modification Guidelines were revised in May 2010 to include additional architectural improvements that could be made without approval.
Key Reminders:
  1. Solar panels and rain harvesting equipment are encouraged at Mueller, however they do require review and prior approval by the committee.
  2. You can replace a roof with the identical color and material or upgrading to a metal roof with natural galvalume finish without prior approval.
  3. Most lighting changes require review and prior approval with the exception of low voltage landscape lighting. Floodlights will not be allowed.
  4. Pervious patios that are not visible to the public do not require prior approval.
  5. If a deck or concrete patio follow the prescribed guidelines, including size and height limitations and impervious cover maximum then they do not require prior approval.