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Ella Wooten Pool - Overview
As is fitting for a community built in partnership with the city and people of Austin, Mueller’s high-quality parks, trails and recreational facilities enhance the quality of life of both our residents and our neighbors.
The pool at Ella Wooten Park is open for recreational swimming in the afternoons for residents and neighbors alike at times consistent with similar Austin neighborhood pools in the area. We’ve developed an operations plan that allows us to serve the community and meet state regulations to ensure safety.
John Gaines Pool, our newest swim center, will soon be operational. Opening in April 2016, this pool will have both resident and open swim hours to supplement Ella Wooten Pool.
Swimming Schedule for Ella Wooten
SEASON - The Pool Area is generally open from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. The precise opening and closing dates are determined by the Board. During Off-Season the pool may be opened for Resident Swim during the months of April and May, September and October.
RESIDENT SWIM Tuesday – Sunday 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM; No lifeguard supervision. State requirements limit use to resident patrons.
OPEN SWIM Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM. Lifeguards on duty. Meets State requirements for use by resident patrons and non-resident patrons. All patrons must leave the pool area before and after Open Swim times due to the lifeguard's opening and closing procedures. During Open Swim the registration desk will be manned. All swim center patrons must sign in at the desk, show their release card and identification.
Open Swim (lifeguards on duty) will begin Memorial Day weekend and will run through Labor Day. After Labor Day the pool will continue to be open for Resident Swim through Friday, October 31st.
Pool Rules
The Ella Wooten Pool Rules recommended by the Pool Committee contain the usual safety considerations and are mostly consistent with the City of Austin pool rules. The official pool rules can be found here.
The most important rules are summarized below:
1. You must follow the directions of the lifeguards while at the pool. If you have a complaint about the direction of a lifeguard, please call Associa Customer Service at 347-2888 after following their directive. While you are at the pool the lifeguards have the final say.
2. Residents and visitors must have a photo ID with them to enter the pool. Residents and visitors must sign in when entering the pool.
3. Residents must have a pool key to use the pool, even while the lifeguards are on duty.
4. Never prop open the pool gate.
5. No dogs or food are allowed inside the pool gate.
6. While the lifeguards are on duty we have a 10 minute break every hour – children must exit the pool during that time.
7. Have Fun!
Swim Passes
RESIDENT SWIM passes are available at Mueller Central on Tuesday - Friday at 9am - 5pm and Saturday 9am-3pm.
OPEN SWIM passes are available to non-resident patrons at the registration desk during Open Swim hours as follows:
Day Pass Fees: Adult - $3.00; Junior (12-17) - $2.00; Child (11 and Under) and Senior (62 and over) - $1.00;
Mueller Swim Community
Swim Lessons - Back by popular demand — Swim lessons for preschool children (ages 2 – 5) and gradeschool children (ages 5+) that do not have the ability to swim unassisted in the water. Swim lessons begin will focus on safety in and around water to help children become comfortable in the water and teach basic swim skills and then progress to more advanced aquatic skills and stroke development . Registration for sessions will be accepted online at Lifeguard4Hire.
Developmental Swim Team - A Developmental Swim Team program will also be offered at the Mueller Ella Wooten pool. This program is for swimmers ages 5 – 12 and will focus on the development of competitive swimming skills. This program is NOT a substitute for swim lessons, but is designed for individuals that already know who to swim independently to learn and execute proper stroke techniques towards the goal of becoming a competitive swimmer and to foster a lifelong enjoyment for the sport. Swimmers will be able to measure their improvement in two inter-squad swim meets. Registration for sessions will be accepted online at Lifeguard4Hire.
Cleaning Schedule
The pool maintenance and cleaning is done by Crystal Clear Pools. Normally the pool is given a major cleaning on Mondays while the pool is closed. This includes shocking which means that chlorine levels are raised to a high level during which swimming is unsafe. There are two other thorough scheduled cleanings during the week, usually Wednesday and Friday. There is also an automated chemical monitoring system and the pool life guards are to make manual readings daily, assess the water level and contact pool maintenance company if possible.
Please keep in mind that wind and/or rain can cause a very recently cleaned pool to appear dirty. Particulate matter in the air tends to get dumped into the pool water leading to the noticeable observation that the pool is dirty. For the most part, a pool containing dust, sand, and dirt is not unsafe. Heat can also make the water appear murky. The pool filtration system will generally take care of the particulate matter over time and particulate matter than falls to the pool bottom will be picked up at the next pool vacuuming.
Maintenance Updates
Please contact Alliance Customer Service at 512-347-2888 to report any maintenance needs or concerns.
Poop in the Pool
We have experienced several instances of fecal contamination in the Ella Wooten pool. This is a very serious issue: Crypto, short for Cryptosporidium is a germ that can cause diarrhea when ingested. It is found in fecal matter and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Because Crypto is chlorine-resistant and can live for days in chlorine-treated water, pools may need special care after a fecal incident which caused the swim area to close several times last year.
Please help us prevent this by making sure all young children wear a swim diaper, even if they are potty trained and taking your kids on regular bathroom breaks and check swim diapers often. Waiting to hear "I have to go" may mean that it's too late.
For more information on Crypto, the risks and recommended treatments, please see attached CDC fact sheet and the recommended treatments.
In the Event of Contamination
1. Get out of the pool and report to the lifeguard or call Alliance at 512-347-2888. Please calmly advise any other swimmers to exit the pool.
2. The pool will be closed down as soon as possible and locked. The pool maintenance company will shock the pool and then test the chemical level.
3. Based on the level of contamination, the pool maintenance company will make a determination of how long to close the pool before reopening based on the CDC guidelines.
4. As soon as possible we will advise the residents of an emergency pool closing via the announcments on the website and the message board feature. You can "subscribe" to the message board if you wish to receive emails when a new post is made.
5. Following the required amount of time the pool maintenance company will return, re-test chemical levels and make a decision to open the pool or not based on those results. These federal guidelines are for the safety of all pool patrons.
MCA Pool Committee
A dedicated group of Mueller residents advise the Board of Directors on all pool related issues. The pool committee always loves suggestions so please feel free to contact the MCA Pool Committee at
Frequently Asked Questions of the Pool Committee
Why is the pool closed from 1:30pm to 2pm and 8pm to 8:30pm?
The Ella Wooten pool is a pool with “hybrid” licensure. It operates as a Class B pool open to the public when lifeguards must be present and as a Class C pool when used only by Mueller residents and their accompanied guests. There are problems when a Class B pool operates under Class C standards and vice versa. We believe that a phase transition period between the two classes is prudent and wise. This phase transition period was initially set at one hour. Subsequently, we moved the phase transition period to thirty minutes at the evening close of the lifeguarded pool. We decided to keep the phase transition at thirty minutes between the Class C closure at 1:30pm and the Class B opening at 2:00 p.m.
There is no expectation that lifeguards will show up or stay during the phase transition period. They can and sometimes do, but the point is that the period was intended to separate the Class C and Class B operations of the pool.
Why is the pool closed on Mondays?
The Pool Advisory Committee started with the premise that Mueller could afford only a certain number of lifeguarded hours at the pool. We could have lifeguards available in any combination that made good sense. Our conclusion was that 2PM to 8PM on six days of the week would be the best combination. Monday seemed the most logical day to close the pool to allow the filter to cycle through.
We also discussed having a predictable time for major pool cleaning and repair. It was recommended that this be Monday. Pools are systems that cycle and filtrate the water. A fallow day gives this system an opportunity to handle the pool shocking process, normalize to acceptable chemical levels, and to provide a good stretch of unfettered filtration.