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Event Requests

Mueller hosts events of varying size and scope year round, from small birthday parties, several annual 5k races, to the City of Austin's Earth Day event with 6,000 attendees. Despite this, Mueller is not an "event facility" and there is no dedicated staff to coordinate with events.
Application Process
Please submit an application to start this process. Generally we cannot discuss a hypothetical event. General questions can be directed to 512-703-9202 but please understand that Mueller does not have dedicated event staff so please understand that someone is not generally available to discuss event request without an appointment.
Applications are processed first come-first serve. The timeframe for review often depends on the scope of your event and how detailed your application is, but generally it takes one to two weeks to review and get back to you. We do our best to accommodate any last-minute events or get togethers however please know that all small events must be submitted at least  72 hours or three business days prior to the event for consideration. Any group requesting use of the Fire Pit will also need to provide a fire permit obtained through the Austin Fire Department. 
Large events require at least 180 day notice and it is highly likely we will ask you provide additional information and a site meeting will be required. 
Once approved you will be sent an email and your event details will be shown on the calendar, allowing other people to see your event details.
The size and scope of your event determines the total cost of having your event at Mueller.  Small personal events, typically between 25 and 50 people, require a $25 usage and maintenance fee.  Fees for larger events are a minimum of $5,000.
Mueller’s park spaces are open for public access but are privately owned, maintained and funded at this time by the Mueller Master Property Owners’ Association so a use fee is required for groups over 20 people to cover the cost of increased cleaning and trash pickup caused by larger groups.
No Private Parties
Mueller parks and the Browning Hangar cannot generally host private events such as weddings, family reunions, graduation celebrations or birthday parties if they are over 50 attendees. Private parties under 50 attendees are allowed if there is no set up (no tents, chairs, music, food, etc.)
Birthday Parties
Small birthday parties are allowed at the Northwest Greenway Pavilion and Playscape, Paggi Square or Ella Wooten park. Birthday parties must be 50 people or less, including adults and children. We do not allow bounce-houses, trains, horses or ponies, tables, tents or chairs. Outside food is not allowed other than a birthday cake. You may purchase food from the Food Trailers near the Browning Hangar. Please note that decorations (other than table top decorations) are not allowed because of the possibility of damage to the facility and potential liability.
School Field Trips
Field Trips (under 100 students) are allowed with appropriate adult supervision. All attendees are expected to pick up and haul out their own trash. Mueller Master Community Association is not responsible for any injuries and there are no park staff or lifeguards on duty.
Not a "Reservation"
Despite anything that appears to be the contrary, your event will not be exclusive. Other park patrons will likely be around. We do not "reserve" certain tables for you including the pavilion in the Northwest Greenway. These are open to the public parks. Your fee is for the impact your group has to the park, not a reservation and your fee will not be refunded.
Electricity and Water
Electricity or water are not generally available for events, please do not assume these will be available. There are special accommodations that may be able to made for larger events.
City Permits
Events are subject to all City of Austin permit requirements. Event organizers must provide copies of all applicable permits to Mueller upon request. A checklist can be found at under the heading “City Special Event Permitting Checklist”. Food, speakers, tents can all trigger permit requirements.


Filming in the public right of way (roadways and sidewalks) must be approved by the City of Austin. Filming at Mueller Parks, construction sites, the Browning Hangar or Mueller Central must be approved by the corresponding property owner.

Fees for filming requests start at $500 per 4-hour block based on impact. We also require a $1,500 deposit. Any deviation from approved site plans or property damage will result in this deposit being forfeited.

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