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Event Requests

Mueller has hosted several runs and walks such as Light the Night, Lights of Love, CASA Superhero Run, See Jane Run, and Strut Your Mutt. Some are timed, others are just 'Fun Runs'. We do limit the number of road closures allowed each year in order to create a hardship on our residents and businesses.
By submitting this application you are agreeing to the following terms:   
Fees. I understand that there may be additional fees, deposits and insurance requirements depending on the size and scope of the event I am requesting. I understand that a date may not be held until all forms have been turned in, I’ve received written approval for my request and all fees and deposits have been paid.
Rules. I hereby agree to abide by the Park Rules and Browning Hangar Interim Use Guidelines as applicable that can be found on under Parks & Reservations and to inform guests, invitees, agents and employees who use the Mueller facilities of the Rules and that their compliance with the Rules is also required.
Cleanup Requirements. I hereby agree to clean all Mueller facilities at which my Event is held to meet or exceed the state at which it was in just prior to the commencement of my Event, including, but not limited to, removal and disposal of all Event associated trash from the reserved Mueller facilities area.
Hold Harmless. I hereby agree (and on behalf of your organization) to hold harmless and indemnify Catellus Austin, LLC, master developer of Mueller and Browning Hangar site, Mueller Master Community Association, Inc., Alliance Association Management, the City of Austin and their officers, agents, partners and employees, from and against any and all loss, cost, damage, liability and expense, including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and costs, arising out of and from Group’s entry upon the Hangar property or Mueller property, including without limitation, those arising from any injury or death and/or property damage.
This is not approval. I hereby agree that this form does not constitute approval of my request. I agree that depending on the size and scope of my requested event, there may be additional forms and fees. I agree that this application form does not enter into a binding agreement.
Approval depends on a variety of factors: primarily the size and scope of your event because large events in another area may prevent us from being able to accomodate your group; larger events require a 180 day lead time; there may be pending event requests not yet shown on the calendar; or we may over-capacity for events within a certain timeframe, we typically only commit to 1-2 events per month to allow more relaxed park use as well.
Your Details
Event Details
Amenity Walks & Runs (multiple areas)
Event Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Start Time
End Time
Event Name
Event Organizer
Event Organizer Email
Event Organizer Phone
Estimated Number of Attendees
Will event be open to the public?
Will event be publicized?
Will event be free to the public?
Will food be served?
Will alcohol be served?
Is this a fitness activity (bootcamp, yoga, running group, etc.)?
Is this for the purpose of filming?
Will you need access to water or electricity?
Will event include amplified sound (speakers or microphone)?
Will anything be sold at the event?
Will event require any equipment be delivered (chairs, tables, stage, large vehicles, etc.)
Is event benefiting a charity?
Please explain any 'Yes' answers above.
Please explain your proposed event in detail. Include purpose, goals, activities and any special needs for your event.